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New England Smile

Orthodontic Rewards

Earn and win some prizes simply by being a patient at

New England Smile Orthodontics!

There are a few ways you can be entered into our monthly drawings or earn points for select prizes.

1. Bring the Ortho Hygiene Certificate (download it here) to your dentist or hygienist for your regular cleanings. Return the completed certificate (filled out by your dentist or hygienist) to our office to enter both you AND your hygienist into our monthly prize drawing. To make the deal extra sweet if your hygienist gives you an Excellent Hygiene Score you earn 2 tokens, and a Good Hygiene Score is worth 1 token.


2. Accumulate points in the following ways

  • Excellent brushing during your orthodontic appointment : 2 token

  • Good oral hygiene score during your orthodontic appointment : 1 token

  • No broken brackets or loose bands : 1 token

  • Bring in your report card from school with at least one A : 1 token

  • Wear your New England Smile Orthodontics T-shirt to your appointment : 1 token

3. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for random contests. Complete the tasks that we ask of you, and you can earn many more tokens and other rewards!

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