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New England Smile

Orthodontic Contest

It's time for another New England Smile

Ortho Rewards Contest

Summer is almost over, and we can already see the collective frowns from everyone. However, we’re New England Smile, and one of the ways we can brighten your day is through music. Up for grabs is a fresh set of Microsoft Surface Headphones to listen to your favorite songs and bring a smile to your commute!















1. Head to our Facebook (@newenglandsmile) or Instagram (@nesmilebraces) pages and like us and follow us.

2. Each Thursday a song from Dr. Phan’s playlist will be posted to our Facebook and Instagram. Like that Thursday's Facebook Contest post or Instagram Contest post.

3. Reply to EVERY weekly Facebook Contest post or Instagram Contest post from step 2 with

  • your first initial and last name

  • the current song YOU ARE listening to

  • ALL 7 of the following hashtags #newenglandsmile #nesmilebraces #nesmileorthodontics #orthorewards #expressyourselfthroughyoursmile #music #microsoft


For example, John Smith is currently listening to Bruno Mars - 24K Magic:

J. Smith, Bruno Mars - 24K Magic #newenglandsmile #nesmilebraces #nesmileorthodontics #orthorewards #expressyourselfthroughyoursmile #music #microsoft

For the final week’s entry (track #8) an additional rule will be added, so keep an eye out for it.

4. Since many FB and IG usernames are not you (and your parents can enter for you), be sure to identify yourself with your first initial and last name. E.G. if your name is John Smith, then identify yourself/your child with "J. Smith". Parents, make sure you identify your child, and not yourself.

5. All  8 music tracks and associated FB and IG posts pertaining to this contest will remain available for you to go back and complete all steps. Entries will be accepted until midnight, Wednesday September 25, 2019. ​ 

6. One entry per Facebook or Instagram account. That means you can double (or triple/quadruple/etc.) your chances by posting on Facebook AND Instagram. Multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts are eligible for the same patient, so parents and guardians can enter on behalf of eligible contestants.  For example, J. Smith posts a response in Facebook and Instagram, and J. Smith's mother enters via Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, J. Smith has earned 4 entries into this contest. Parents with multiple children in our practice must choose their favorite child. Sorry :)

7. Contest is only open to orthodontic patients of New England Smile who are being seen for Growth and Development Observation checkups, or any active treatment with braces or clear aligners with Dr. Phan and New England Smile Orthodontics.

8. All entries will be pooled into a random drawing. This is where multiple entries help you. Contestants must complete rules 1 through 5 to be eligible. 

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